Monday, August 08, 2005


That sure is a funny word.

from the Latin cambiare, to exchange
1. to make
radically different
2. to give a different course, or direction to
3. to undergo modification
4. to undergo transformation, transistion, or substitution
5. to pass from one phase to another

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, it doesn't sound so bad. So why does it seem so hard? Why does it scare me? Where is my little bubble of comfort that I'd always thought I could count on? (I think Em's mom sat on it...)

I've made some modifications, some transformations, if you will, in my life. I've freed myself from the Villa and can now safely blow my nose at them and refer to their "mothers" as "hamsters" and their "fathers' smell" as the "essense of elderberries". I moving into a grown-up condo with 2 girls I love like crazy. Bu-bye Villa, hello master bedroom! So long rolls of quarters, say hello to Mr. Washer & Dryer. See ya 2nd Goodbye most wonderful Bishopric EVER. Farewell comfort zone. Hi there new unknown ward that's probably not going to be as good as the good ole' 2nd ward. Yeah, this IS pretty radical. And I'm okay with it...sort of...more like, getting used to it. But it's okay, right?

Yeah, 'chAnj is looking alright now. I think he's a keeper! Bu-bye dooldrums, hello new phase!

P.S. I'm also cutting my hair. And no, I don't care what you think. Blame this on my good buddy change, okay.


  1. Cut it! Cut it! Cutting is fun! Who are you gonna live with? I'm outta the loop.

  2. Go Nama! I decided to embrace change too. No more Villa/2nd ward for me either. I don't get a washer and dryer yet, but I get a dishwasher, which I desperately need. Just ask my roommates.

  3. i wish i had some chAnj.
    cuz i need to do my laundry.

  4. The bee pollen substitute was great.

    Change can be good. What condo?

  5. Who are you staying with? Where? and I think you should cut your hair. You'll look fabulous - which shouldn't be to difficult seeing as how you are already.

  6. i'll be living with em & ritz in a condo!! yeay! a REAL apartment...or condo...

    and thanks tiff! you made me smile.

  7. I hope by saying "cutting my hair" you mean to say a trim. Your hair is so beautiful as it is.

  8. Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine. I say go for it, only can I have the hair you cut off?