Monday, August 22, 2005

The new Nama! (sort of...)

I think I've had my most exciting weekend since...well, since Italy!

FIRST, I got a new phone! It's red, it's tiny, it's cute, AND it takes pictures! But the best part is that I only paid $25 for it after instant rebates. That, my friends, is called a good deal that kicks butt. Oh yeah.

SECOND, I got my hair chopped! And it's so unbelievably cute! And this is what it looks like. And with those 4-8 inches that came off, the old Nama fell on the floor and a new Nama emerged. I am a beautiful butterfly!

THIRD, I spent the evening on swanky lower Greenville in Dallas. I ate dinner at the Blue Goose and sat at the bar in Terilli's sipping non-alcoholic water and listen to a piano/saxophone jazz duet. I felt so cool and, well, swanky! I love you, Dallas. Here's to the good times. *clink*

FOURTH, well, I guess this doesn't apply to the weekend, but I'M COMING BACK TOMORROW!! That's right, my dear friends. You will all have the privilege of seeing the new and improved Nama in her new and improved condo tomorrow evening. Be sure to book your appointment now before I'm booked for the evening. Leave your name and time in which you wish to visit in the comments section, first come, first serve, no shoes, no shirt, no business, and be sure to tip your waitress.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I love those paperclip holder-box-things with the metal top to keep the paper clips in and the hole in the middle of the top to put the paper clips in.

We have them at work all over the place.

I like to shake it upside down to see if any of the paper clips escape.

A few do, therefore rendering this product imperfect and fallable.

But I still like playing with it.

Because I'm BORED.

So very bored.

Work, smerk.

When do I get to leave and go back to Utah, now?

Soon, hopefully.

VERY soon...

Friday, August 12, 2005

My week in review

Realization of the Week
I LOVE living at home, but...
Sunday I nearly had an uncontrollable angry-tears breakdown when my Mom forgot to take the cardboard off the bottom of my California Pizza Kitchen pizza when she put it in the oven, causing the top to burn and the bottom to stay doughy.

Conclusion: I think I'm ready to come back to Utah.

Conversation of the Week
Ring Ring Ring
Me: Thank for calling Borders Books in Mesquite. This is Amanda speaking. How may I help you?
"Cronk": Yeah, somebody just called me from this number to tell me that a book I ordered was in.
Me: Okay...
Long-ish Pause
"Cronk": Hello?
Me: I'm still here, sir. can I help you?
"Cronk": Yeah, somebody called me from this number, I guess we ordered a book from you. Hey (shouts indistinguisable woman's name), did you order the book? (continues conversation with nameless woman)
Me: Okay, can I help you with that today?
"Cronk": Yeah, somebody called from this number to tell us that the book we ordered was in...
Me: (politely interupting, trying to keep my cool) I understand that sir. What do you need for me to do?
"Cronk": Well, I guess I need to talk to the person who just called...because they called me to tell me the order was in (starting to digress again)...
Me: Well, sir, they just called to tell you that your order was in...and that you have 2 weeks to pick it up...
"Cronk": Oh...well...(the hamster starts turning) okay, then. Bye.
Me: Bye. (Hangs up phone, confused, tries to figure what just happened here)

Highlight of the week
Monday night, I went up to North Dallas with my bestest oldest friend in the worldand another really good friend I haven't seen in a while to have Marble Slab ice cream, in a waffle bowl. We sat outside to enjoy our tasty treats, and even though the palm tree I was sitting under was out to get me, the night was splendid, and made me realize how much I love being in Dallas on a warm summer night.

Lowlight of the Week
I have been violated!
Friday, I got to remember why I hate being a girl.
And my doctor trying to make conversation during the process didn't really seem to help much.
In attempt to save the day from being horrible, I bought myself an oatmeal sandwich with cream in the center.
I didn't help.

Overall Evaluation of Week
Not the best week ever, nor the worst week ever.
Eh, I guess it was a'it.

Monday, August 08, 2005


That sure is a funny word.

from the Latin cambiare, to exchange
1. to make
radically different
2. to give a different course, or direction to
3. to undergo modification
4. to undergo transformation, transistion, or substitution
5. to pass from one phase to another

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, it doesn't sound so bad. So why does it seem so hard? Why does it scare me? Where is my little bubble of comfort that I'd always thought I could count on? (I think Em's mom sat on it...)

I've made some modifications, some transformations, if you will, in my life. I've freed myself from the Villa and can now safely blow my nose at them and refer to their "mothers" as "hamsters" and their "fathers' smell" as the "essense of elderberries". I moving into a grown-up condo with 2 girls I love like crazy. Bu-bye Villa, hello master bedroom! So long rolls of quarters, say hello to Mr. Washer & Dryer. See ya 2nd Goodbye most wonderful Bishopric EVER. Farewell comfort zone. Hi there new unknown ward that's probably not going to be as good as the good ole' 2nd ward. Yeah, this IS pretty radical. And I'm okay with it...sort of...more like, getting used to it. But it's okay, right?

Yeah, 'chAnj is looking alright now. I think he's a keeper! Bu-bye dooldrums, hello new phase!

P.S. I'm also cutting my hair. And no, I don't care what you think. Blame this on my good buddy change, okay.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

THIS is where I can from?

I love 4-day weekends. When you get so busy with work/school/taking over the world, you get to a point where you need a break. And along comes a gloriously long weekend, like mana from heaven, awaiting to relax and rejuvinate you. Now you can spend Friday through Monday sipping pina coladas and ordering cabana boys around without a care in the world! Awe...

Sadly, this was NOT the case of this past weekend for me. I was in Tennesse, with bugs, and trailer parks, and tractors, and kudzu, and a whole lotta WASPs who still use the "n" word for black people. There I was, visiting my relatives for the weekend. This visit generated much reflection on my part and caused me to ask a question that really needs some Freudian/couch-laying/Dr.-Philian/sedative-induced reconciling:

Did half of my genetic makeup REALLY come from this? I had to spend all weekend biting my tongue and intellectually stooping down to their "level" just to keep me sane. It's almost like time just flat out stopped there. Literally. My relatives still think I'm 10 and, therefore, still treat me like a child! Saturday, we took my nephews to the Children's Museum of Memphis about an hour away. It was one of those interative/learing/keeping-kids-entertained/ADD-heaven places with different "stations" of "learning". We get back to Millington, where my genepool rests, and they ask my parents, "Did Mandy have a good time?" Yes, *shudder*, they call me Mandy. Da! I seriously have a physically painful reaction whenI hear that "name" spoken in reference to me. I just hate it. They try to get me to eat the barbacue turkey they just made for dinner. When I tell them that I'm a vegetarian, they look at me with a blank stare and I can see the wheels trying their hardest to turn to process what I just said. They then respond with, "Well, we have some chicken and some cheese." When I tell them that I spent the spring in Italy, they ask me questions like "Are people different over there?"

Lastly, I think being in Tennesse this past weekend has led to to make an important decision in my life, perhaps the most imporant one I'll ever make: Somebody needs shoot me now, please. I'm serious. I'm like a rabid dog or a lame horse. For the sake of the human race, these hidden genes of mine need to stay hidden so they don't pop up in my offspring and later generations.

Mandy?! *shudder*