Friday, July 22, 2005

today = pay day

I have money again! Woo-hoo!!

But, like Erika, I'm still living at home, my mom's still buying my deodorant & food, and, like Kat, I still can't drive a stick-shift. And even though the money came rolling in today, most of it went directly to savings so I won't touch it. *sigh* I was tempted yesterday when I saw a Rainbow Bright Sticker Fun Book for $4.99.

Did I want it?


Did I buy it?

Not yet.

So much for saving $.


  1. I almost bought some Mary Kay lip gloss today, but I resisted. Whew! It was a close one.

  2. I bought Breyer's Mint Oreo ice cream today because I wanted to. I have needs!

  3. So much for not buying lip gloss. I bought ice cream too.