Thursday, July 14, 2005

More of Rome (you get the idea)

Arch of Constantine. Funny story: If you've ever seen Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor, when she and her entourage march into Rome, they parade through this Arch. Can somebody see something historically wrong with this picture?

The Pantheon!!! This was one of my favorite sites in Rome. I nearly wept when I had to say goodbye to it...but then I had some gelato, and I was fine. Hey Jon, do you know what the Latin inscription says? M AGRIPPA F COS TERTIUM FECIT

Michelagelo's Moses. Stunning, a beautiful masterpiece. It's part of a huge tomb of a Pope that hounded Michelagelo into doing works for the church, including the Sistine Chapel. Michelagelo, seeing himself as a sculpture, not a painter, complained and whined often about all those annoying paint jobs the Pope was making him do, so the Pope would take away one sculputer from his tomb everytime Michelangelo complained to get him to stop. Wah.

And one for fun. This is me with the "Mouth of Truth". Legend has it that if a liar sticks his hand into the Mouth of Truth's mouth, it will bite his hand off. If the an honest man does the same, however, his hand will be safe. I tried, and, well, I guess all those years of pretending to tolerate Jon finally caught up with me.


  1. ?????

    What on earth did I ever do to you?


  2. The last picture is so very Roman Holiday.

  3. It's also so very Only You when marissa tomei and Robert Downey Jr pretend they're in the movie Roman Holiday. Loved Roman Holiday. Until the end. Now I hate it.

    Sweet pics Nama.

  4. sorry jon, just my own personal way of blog-bullying...;-)

  5. I love it despite the ending. I was totally in love with Gregory Peck after seeing that movie.

  6. Nama - INCREDIBLE pictures!!!
    Hey Jon, do you know what that Latin means?