Tuesday, July 26, 2005

An apology, and then desert!

Jon, baby, I know I've been giving you a hard time lately. But just know it's because I love you. Sure we have our differences, our quarrels, over such nonsensical things as Harry Potter or glue. You're tall, I'm short. You're smart, I'm smarter. I say we resolve to resolve. Who cares if your mom is fat, let's just put the past week or so of blogs behind us and look toward future blogs with kindness and love. I hope you feel the same way, and I hope that we can blog for years without arguing or insulting each other's moms. I would so hate to lose such a good blog-friend as you, for you complete my blog. You had me at "1 comment".

Check yes or no if you accept and give it to my comment section so she can tell me your answer.

[_] yes [_] no

With blogging love,



  1. Nama! You know I love you and can't live without you! Despite the fact that your mom makes craters when she makes snow angels, I could never betray you or bear you any kind of ill will. I don't even have any malice that your smarter than me, 'cause I'm better looking, and so it balances out. No hard feelings, bygones are bygones.

  2. oh, jon! how i've missed you, fatcheeks! let's never fight again!!! *tear*

  3. There's something unnerving with the phrase, "Jon, baby,"

    But, this and Jon's crater comment made me laugh so hard both hands flew up to stifle it.