Tuesday, July 26, 2005

An apology, and then desert!

Jon, baby, I know I've been giving you a hard time lately. But just know it's because I love you. Sure we have our differences, our quarrels, over such nonsensical things as Harry Potter or glue. You're tall, I'm short. You're smart, I'm smarter. I say we resolve to resolve. Who cares if your mom is fat, let's just put the past week or so of blogs behind us and look toward future blogs with kindness and love. I hope you feel the same way, and I hope that we can blog for years without arguing or insulting each other's moms. I would so hate to lose such a good blog-friend as you, for you complete my blog. You had me at "1 comment".

Check yes or no if you accept and give it to my comment section so she can tell me your answer.

[_] yes [_] no

With blogging love,


Friday, July 22, 2005

today = pay day

I have money again! Woo-hoo!!

But, like Erika, I'm still living at home, my mom's still buying my deodorant & food, and, like Kat, I still can't drive a stick-shift. And even though the money came rolling in today, most of it went directly to savings so I won't touch it. *sigh* I was tempted yesterday when I saw a Rainbow Bright Sticker Fun Book for $4.99.

Did I want it?


Did I buy it?

Not yet.

So much for saving $.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Italy (or Italia if you're Italian) sure was fun!

Courtesy of the Wal-Mart in Lubbock, TX, I would not like to present to you more tantalizing pictures to make you jealous and/or make your boring day. Brought to you today by the letter N and the number 9 and from financial support from Viewers like you.

Some more from Herculaneum (or Ercolano)

That's Rebecca, me, & Rachel. You see us? Waaaay down at the bottom? That's us! Behind us: 60 feet of pyroclastic flow that the city was/is buried under. Now, unlike Jon most of the time, THAT'S deep.

Oh man! That's the inside of the Villa of the Papyri!! Drool, Jon, drool on now. P.S. Towards the back of this room is where they found some of the papyri, which I also saw, but could not photograph.

Pompeii (or Pompei)

Inside the Fullery of Stephanus, where Stephanus and his friends would charge people to let them soak/clean(?) their clothes in this vat and many like it. The catch: they were actually tubs full of pee-pee! Mmmm, I bet everyone in Pompeii smelled good. O'de Toilete, maybe?

Plaster casts. When they were excavating, they would come across these hollow spaces, which turned out to be a space that the body of said person would leave after it deteriorated. So they began to fill in these hollow spaces with plaster, and viola! The last moments of some poor soul's life. At least their pee-pee smelling togas were incinerated in the volcanic blasts.

A little slice of Rome (or Roma)

The famed Coliseum in all its glory (time has washed the blood away). See the cross? That's where the emperor sat when he came to see a good ole' game o' gore and where he, I'm sure, got splattered many times with blood and other forms of entrails. Serves him right.

A bust of a Flavian woman with some crazy/weird hair and some hot chick with a killer profile and beautifully long eyelashes.

Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius. Hi-ho Silver!!! AWWWAAAYYY!!!!!!

More of Rome (you get the idea)

Arch of Constantine. Funny story: If you've ever seen Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor, when she and her entourage march into Rome, they parade through this Arch. Can somebody see something historically wrong with this picture?

The Pantheon!!! This was one of my favorite sites in Rome. I nearly wept when I had to say goodbye to it...but then I had some gelato, and I was fine. Hey Jon, do you know what the Latin inscription says? M AGRIPPA F COS TERTIUM FECIT

Michelagelo's Moses. Stunning, a beautiful masterpiece. It's part of a huge tomb of a Pope that hounded Michelagelo into doing works for the church, including the Sistine Chapel. Michelagelo, seeing himself as a sculpture, not a painter, complained and whined often about all those annoying paint jobs the Pope was making him do, so the Pope would take away one sculputer from his tomb everytime Michelangelo complained to get him to stop. Wah.

And one for fun. This is me with the "Mouth of Truth". Legend has it that if a liar sticks his hand into the Mouth of Truth's mouth, it will bite his hand off. If the an honest man does the same, however, his hand will be safe. I tried, and, well, I guess all those years of pretending to tolerate Jon finally caught up with me.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Thursday, July 07, 2005

My Case

Why must my life suck? Why must I be so stupid?

Don't answer that last question.

But seriously, here's a little rundown of my life:

  1. My Dad put in vacation time to come up to Utah next month to see me walk in the graduation ceremony. Yeah, that's important. And his jerk-boss DENIED it! He's been fighting him for weeks now, but now it's looking like my family will only get to come to see me walk if, I don't know, he dies or by some other miracle. I'm upset. REALLY upset. And I really want to get ahold of his email address and send him sad pictures of puppies crying. But I guess that won't work on someone who DOESN'T HAVE A HEART!!!!!
  2. I'm back working at Borders. Love it. BUT, corporate decided to cut hours for the store. Therefore, I'm only working around 20-or-so hours a week. I bet they don't care that I have to make money to EAT next semester. Seriously, maybe the stinkin' hot weather is roasting the hearts out of these people.
  3. On the 16th, my "missionary-who-still-thinks-I-love-him" is coming home. Akward. Thankfully, that's the day "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" is coming out (hey! that's something exciting and fulfilling in my life!!) and, oh darn, I'm working ALL DAY. Thank you J.K. Rowling.
  4. Due to the excess weight I put on in Italy, none of my clothes fit me so well anymore. I'm starting to work it off, but, yeah, that takes time. Patience. Zip. Fatness. Too Much.
  5. Nobody's in Dallas anymore. My only friend, Jessica, now lives in Ft. Worth and has a boyfriend. I'm lonely, and my nights are spent watching the Discovery Health Channel, the National Geographic Channel, or Will & Grace. Party on.
  6. I'm sunburn. Again. I went swimming yesterday in my cute, new bathing suit and where I hadn't gotten sun before, I burned to a crisp. Luckily, my Mom keeps the Aloe Vera in the refrigerator and I think me & good ole' Aloe can make it through this one unscathed.

All right, I totally take blame for that last complaint, seeing as I was simply too lazy to come back in and put sunscreen on, but really. Can't my life just simmer down for a bit. SIMMA DOW NA!!

I'm gonna shut up now and go fill my bathtub with aloe.