Monday, June 06, 2005

When in Rome...

...don't use this stupid cliche. But do wear sunscreen, watch for pickpocketers, and, above all, enjoy yourself!!! You're in ROME!!!!

Yes, folks, I am in Rome, and will be until I leave. Wow! It's been so unbelievably amazing! I love it here more and more. Yesterday, I spent about an hour on the Spanish Steps reading a book. Today I ate dinner under the Pantheon in hopes that it would rain. Tomorrow I will have the best pizza in Italy and the best gelato in Italy to say goodbye to this wonderous place. Sigh.

And I will be back in good ole' Provo on Wednesday. Not that I don't love you guys or anything, but man oh man will I miss being here! The food! The sites! The gypsies! Oh!! Italy has truly drawn me in and has become home for the time being.

And now for something completely different...a desparate cry for help:

  • So, once upon a time, I HAD ride from the airport Wednesday night at 5:54pm.
  • Now, I DO NOT have a right from the airport on Wednesday night at 5:54pm. That's when my plane arrives in Salt Lake.

Thank you for your attention during this breif interuption. If you have any comments or concerns regarding this interuption, please email Nama, for she would greatly appreciate some feedback.

Aaaaaaaaand scene. But really, please email me if you can pick little ole' Nama up. She's got plenty of stories to tell about kissing, and digging in dirt, and wandering Rome, and climbing to the crater of Vesuvius, etc,, you'll be the first to see Tan Nama. Let me know, please!!!

For the rest of you guys, I hope to see all of you, well, most of you, when I come back Wednesday night! (Ritz, I hope I'm still staying with you until I leave for home.) Love you guys!!



  1. Kissing stories???????

    Man, I'll WALK to the airport for that!

    Not that that will help you any . . .

  2. I wanna hear about kissing

  3. Same here. Tell me all about it! I'm so excited to be able to er... talk to you! Call me on Thursday!!

  4. I love you Nama!!!! I'll be mid-final when your plane lands but I'll be standing in line to hear those stories and observe the fatty tan.

  5. stories to tell: yes
    ride from the airport: no

    uhhh...this is the last time I'll have to check the email and the blog before I fly out tomorrow morning, so...uhhhh, pretty please will someone be there tomorrow night?

    whoever comes, make a huge sign so I won't miss ya!

  6. um... pickpocketers isn't gramatically correct. neither am i, neither is my mom, or my huge grandmother, but i just thought i'd let you know.

  7. You tricked me about the kissing stories. Grrrr . . .

  8. hey! they involved kisses! what more do you want!

    and thanks kat for picking me up! even though my luggage didn't come with me!

    coming soon: more blogs to come recounting my travels and journies in italy!

    wow that went by fast !! anyways you can add my name to your list of blog sites and then we can still be friends !! remember me right ?