Saturday, June 11, 2005

an understatement

i miss sitting on the Spanish steps after lunch reading James Thurber.
i miss Angella serving us the most wonderful Italian dinners at La Vigna every night.
i miss Pascuale, the internet cafe guy, who was one of my favorite Italians.
i miss Cappabianca, the quasi-crap-hole-domoritory-esque place we stayed in, its leaky showers and echoy halls.
i miss gelato. REALLY bad.
i miss walking out on our terrace and seeing beautifully green Vesuvius. and hoping it wouldn't erupt and mess up the beautiful day.
i miss riding trains everywhere! trains are by far the best way to travel.
i miss getting into museums, archaeological sites, etc for free AND getting the "special tour" the ordinary tourists don't get.
i miss trying to understand Italian, and only being able to repsond back with "Si!" if I understood.
i miss fresh balls of mozzarella. and fresh tomatoes. and fresh produce in general.
i miss hearing roosters crow at 3am.
i miss Neapolotian pizza.
i miss the Bay of Naples. and its non-existant beaches.
i miss the Euro coinage. 1 and 2 Euro coins rock!
i miss not caring about frivolous daily morning rituals, like showering or putting on makeup.
i miss 3 course, delicious dinners that always ended with a fabulous desert. hence the fatness that i came home with.
i miss the Pantheon. a lot.
i miss wearing skirts all the time.
i miss the gyspies begging for money in front of churches.
i miss the WARM weather.
i miss Italian bread...mmmmm...hard outer shell with a soft and fluffy center.
i miss Ferdi (Ferdinando), the crazy Italian professor we worked with and his bad English.
i miss Pollena Trocchia, such a beautiful and quiet small Italian town.
i mss being the lackey archaeologist at Pompei. "Hey Amanda, dig this hole! Hoe this ground! Clean this pottery!"

in conclusion...I MISS ITALY!


  1. Yes, but we missed you so it's better that you're home.

  2. I miss my latin lover you were supposed to bring back in your suitcase. I also LOVE fresh mozzarella balls. Cheese is a blessing.

  3. Woman, I'm all the latin lover you're ever gonna need.

  4. jon, you're the only FAT MOM lover i'll ever need...

  5. what?? you miss italy??

    but how can this be?

  6. Nama hates Italy. And your mom.

  7. STOP RUBBING IT IN OK!!! I am already jelous enough.

  8. um did I accedentally copy your page layout. sorry

  9. jon, i loved your comment. it made me proud. and it made me miss you. and i think you should come visit me. and give me some good lovin'.

  10. actually I copied you...because I want to be eddie. real bad. because she's the coolest. but SHE hasn't been to Italy. *RUB RUB RUB*

  11. i want to cry... i miss italy as much as you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!