Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pictures from Italy!

I've slowly but surely started to develop the 9 rolls of pictures I took in Italy. I got the first 2 rolls back today in picture and digital form, so enjoy these few I posted!

Also, I miss all you guys like crazy!!! Don't get me wrong, I have loved hanging out with my Dad at cheap bookstores, taking my brother to the library and the swimming pool, and generally relaxing, but I have no friends left here. So, feel blessed to have friends around you and enjoy their company!


  1. I miss you too ! im having the same problem !! i love Iceland and all but my friends are not very friendly....they all left me behind and went to some other place in the world !
    so yeah it will be great to be back in provo....where i have friends...

  2. lovely pictures.
    just like you.

  3. uhm, no friends? Vat am I? Zee chopped leever? Fort Worth isn't exactly Mars, you know.