Monday, June 20, 2005

I be home!!!

Welcome to Texas, hot weather, family, and huge outlet malls!!

I'm here, back in good ole' Dallas with my wonderful family! I'm being fed by my Mommy, who has FINALLY, after 40-plus years, embraced her natural curl! When I met my parents outside the terminal, I noticed my Mom's curly hair, she asked me if I liked it, I said yes, and she said that it is all natural curl! Yeay for Mommy and her curly blonde hair! And another surprise: Turtle, the little bro, has gotten SO TALL!!!! He's Ann-Marie size now, coming up to my shoulder! And my Dad accidentally got his head buzzed, but its growing back, slowly but surely. I can't tell you how much I have missed Turtle and how happy I am to be home and around him all the time again. He's the kid who can ALWAYS bring a smile to your face, especially when you need to smile. So I'm home, I'm happy, I get to see my sister and nephew next week!!! Life is great right now! And tonight, I will do yoga and go to a jazzerize class with my parents. And THAT is mainly for entertainment, seeing as both my parents have absolutely NO rhythm. Teehee.

By the way, Friday night was awesome! I was SO HAPPY to see all that came and ate at Chuck's. I will miss everyone this summer while I work my butt off (heh, literally and figuritively) and I hope the weather becomes nicer and everyone has a wonderful summer! (Wow, that just felt like I was writing in somebody's yearbook.)

P.S. Will somebody please inform me when Liz has her baby. A phone call would be appreciated. Grazi!


  1. Nama:
    U R so cool! Have a gr8 summer and stay cool!

    Sorry, the yearbook thing was kind of fun.

    Seriously though. Kick butt in that yoga jazzersize class. I just picture: "Bend in, reverse swan dive up and remember Jazz hands!" Miss you!

  2. I love that your brother is my size now! Now you can think of ME all summer long!!!

  3. Yay! Nama is home! I love your guts. And ditto on the Liz's baby thing.