Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Where? What? Why?!?!

Picture this:

You are driving through Locknye, Texas (not to be confused with LockNESS).
There's nothing, NOTHING, but dirt fields for miles around.
Your cell phone is roaming because you are in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!
A song from the musical "Hair" comes on the radio.
Your parents turn it up and start singing at the top of their lungs.
Your Dad proceeds to tell you that back in the day, Mommy and Daddy saw "Hair" in LA at the Polladium.
They continue singing and you don't know whether to laugh or be completely terrified.
Your nephew in the backseat says "Doydoydoydoydoydoy" while chewing on his sandal.

Welcome to my current life in Lubbock, Texas.

At least I have one thing keeping me sane here:
There he is, my Nephew Cade with his big smile!! Poor thing has been mistaking me for his mother (my sister) all week, though. Poor stupid, confused baby. That's why we love him so!! I mean seriously, how could you NOT love that face and those baby blue eyes!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pictures from Italy!

I've slowly but surely started to develop the 9 rolls of pictures I took in Italy. I got the first 2 rolls back today in picture and digital form, so enjoy these few I posted!

Also, I miss all you guys like crazy!!! Don't get me wrong, I have loved hanging out with my Dad at cheap bookstores, taking my brother to the library and the swimming pool, and generally relaxing, but I have no friends left here. So, feel blessed to have friends around you and enjoy their company!

The bronze "Dancers"

Found in the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum, here they are in the National Museum in Naples. Amazing! Posted by Hello


View from the top with the modern city of Ercolano in the background. Posted by Hello

Vesuvius and Naples

View from the top of Suor Orsola Benincasa in Naples. That's part of the Bay of Naples and the city of Naples. Stunning! Posted by Hello

The Farnese Hercules

His calfs. Yeah, they're huge. And that's my cute pregnant (at the time) friend Claire in the background. Posted by Hello


View from the approximate area of a site we surveyed in Pollena. So green and beautiful! Posted by Hello


The Bell Tower of the Duomo (huge Cathedral) where I atteneded Mass. Posted by Hello


Yep, that's the Villa of the Papyri down there! Posted by Hello


Nama, Rebecca, & Rachel in front of the Duomo. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 20, 2005

I be home!!!

Welcome to Texas, hot weather, family, and huge outlet malls!!

I'm here, back in good ole' Dallas with my wonderful family! I'm being fed by my Mommy, who has FINALLY, after 40-plus years, embraced her natural curl! When I met my parents outside the terminal, I noticed my Mom's curly hair, she asked me if I liked it, I said yes, and she said that it is all natural curl! Yeay for Mommy and her curly blonde hair! And another surprise: Turtle, the little bro, has gotten SO TALL!!!! He's Ann-Marie size now, coming up to my shoulder! And my Dad accidentally got his head buzzed, but its growing back, slowly but surely. I can't tell you how much I have missed Turtle and how happy I am to be home and around him all the time again. He's the kid who can ALWAYS bring a smile to your face, especially when you need to smile. So I'm home, I'm happy, I get to see my sister and nephew next week!!! Life is great right now! And tonight, I will do yoga and go to a jazzerize class with my parents. And THAT is mainly for entertainment, seeing as both my parents have absolutely NO rhythm. Teehee.

By the way, Friday night was awesome! I was SO HAPPY to see all that came and ate at Chuck's. I will miss everyone this summer while I work my butt off (heh, literally and figuritively) and I hope the weather becomes nicer and everyone has a wonderful summer! (Wow, that just felt like I was writing in somebody's yearbook.)

P.S. Will somebody please inform me when Liz has her baby. A phone call would be appreciated. Grazi!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A freak "jogging" accident

So last night I was watching "Untold Stories of the ER" on TLC, and an ER doctor told this story of a guy who was flown in after a "freak jogging accident" (Em, don't click on this link) with a tree...yes, a tree...in his neck! Emergency workers had cut down the tree to about 2 feet on either side so he could fit in the helicopter. And he was fully conscious and his vitals were fine. A tree!! Through his neck!!! He came in holding it in place! And because they couldn't take any X-rays or do a CT scan, they had to just take him into the OR and just cut it out! He survived. It ended happy.

I apologize if this conjures up gross images, but it fascinated me. And I just couldn't look away. Takes me back to when I wanted to be a pathologist and made me want to re-read "Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers" by Mary Roach. Great book and I seriously recommend it to anyone who can stomach these types of images. Written with such a great wit, it is, seriously, a delightful read, considering the topic. Kayla loved it, too.

Speaking of books, I've read 5 books in the past 7 weeks. I read "Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science" on the plane to Italy, "Pride and Prejudice" during the month of May, "Mere Christianity" the week I was in Pompei, "My Life and Hard Times" in Rome and part of the plane ride back, and "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" the rest of the way. If you're summer is going to be long, as mine will, pick one of these up and give it a read! I'd recommend "My Life and Hard Times" by James Thurber. It's his 80-or-so-page autobiography of his life until the age of 22, and it is HILARIOUS! READ IT!!!

Uhhh...that is all.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

an understatement

i miss sitting on the Spanish steps after lunch reading James Thurber.
i miss Angella serving us the most wonderful Italian dinners at La Vigna every night.
i miss Pascuale, the internet cafe guy, who was one of my favorite Italians.
i miss Cappabianca, the quasi-crap-hole-domoritory-esque place we stayed in, its leaky showers and echoy halls.
i miss gelato. REALLY bad.
i miss walking out on our terrace and seeing beautifully green Vesuvius. and hoping it wouldn't erupt and mess up the beautiful day.
i miss riding trains everywhere! trains are by far the best way to travel.
i miss getting into museums, archaeological sites, etc for free AND getting the "special tour" the ordinary tourists don't get.
i miss trying to understand Italian, and only being able to repsond back with "Si!" if I understood.
i miss fresh balls of mozzarella. and fresh tomatoes. and fresh produce in general.
i miss hearing roosters crow at 3am.
i miss Neapolotian pizza.
i miss the Bay of Naples. and its non-existant beaches.
i miss the Euro coinage. 1 and 2 Euro coins rock!
i miss not caring about frivolous daily morning rituals, like showering or putting on makeup.
i miss 3 course, delicious dinners that always ended with a fabulous desert. hence the fatness that i came home with.
i miss the Pantheon. a lot.
i miss wearing skirts all the time.
i miss the gyspies begging for money in front of churches.
i miss the WARM weather.
i miss Italian bread...mmmmm...hard outer shell with a soft and fluffy center.
i miss Ferdi (Ferdinando), the crazy Italian professor we worked with and his bad English.
i miss Pollena Trocchia, such a beautiful and quiet small Italian town.
i mss being the lackey archaeologist at Pompei. "Hey Amanda, dig this hole! Hoe this ground! Clean this pottery!"

in conclusion...I MISS ITALY!

Monday, June 06, 2005

When in Rome...

...don't use this stupid cliche. But do wear sunscreen, watch for pickpocketers, and, above all, enjoy yourself!!! You're in ROME!!!!

Yes, folks, I am in Rome, and will be until I leave. Wow! It's been so unbelievably amazing! I love it here more and more. Yesterday, I spent about an hour on the Spanish Steps reading a book. Today I ate dinner under the Pantheon in hopes that it would rain. Tomorrow I will have the best pizza in Italy and the best gelato in Italy to say goodbye to this wonderous place. Sigh.

And I will be back in good ole' Provo on Wednesday. Not that I don't love you guys or anything, but man oh man will I miss being here! The food! The sites! The gypsies! Oh!! Italy has truly drawn me in and has become home for the time being.

And now for something completely different...a desparate cry for help:

  • So, once upon a time, I HAD ride from the airport Wednesday night at 5:54pm.
  • Now, I DO NOT have a right from the airport on Wednesday night at 5:54pm. That's when my plane arrives in Salt Lake.

Thank you for your attention during this breif interuption. If you have any comments or concerns regarding this interuption, please email Nama, for she would greatly appreciate some feedback.

Aaaaaaaaand scene. But really, please email me if you can pick little ole' Nama up. She's got plenty of stories to tell about kissing, and digging in dirt, and wandering Rome, and climbing to the crater of Vesuvius, etc, etc...plus, you'll be the first to see Tan Nama. Let me know, please!!!

For the rest of you guys, I hope to see all of you, well, most of you, when I come back Wednesday night! (Ritz, I hope I'm still staying with you until I leave for home.) Love you guys!!