Tuesday, May 31, 2005

...currently to be found digging in dirt


Wow. I apologize for the lack of blogs since I've been here. You guys just aren't as important to me. Well, that AND the internet access isn't so...accessable. But here's a quick one just to say hi, I'm alive, I'm tan, and I'm officially an archaeologist now.

I left the rest of my group Sunday, and have been, for the past two days digging in Pompei with REAL Italian archaeologists! I've gotten dirty, found worms as well as pottery sherds, and have so far survived under the blazing Italian afternoon sun. I'll be here for the rest if the week, then I'm off to spend my remaining four days in Rome! Woohoo!

Erika, I'm sorry Yoga isn't the same! Just so you feel better, I've become Fatty McFat over here due to the enormous amount of food they feed me and LACK of yoga! No time for yoga here. Don't be surprised if you mistake me for your mom when I get back.

My favorite moment thus far of the trip: Herculanuem. For those of you know anything about Herculanuem, we got special access to go see the recently excavated Villa of the Papyri!! WOW! I was amazed and felt special, all at the same time! We also go to later see some of the papyri in Naples. Then there's that whole Florence trip, Rome trip, etc etc. This whole trip has pretty much rocked.

Do you ever have those moments where you seriously think, Wow! I'm cool! That pretty much sums up my days spend here thus far in Italy!

p.s. For those of you with transportation, I get back in Salt Lake the night of the 9th (Thursday) around 6pm. If anyone is willing to pick me up, email me and let me know, because I would serioulsy appreciate it! Love you guys!


Saturday, May 07, 2005

I am REALLY not in Kansas anymore...

Guess what? I on a computer. With internet access. For more than 30 minutes. So...I CAN FINALLY POST SOMETHING!!

As many of you might have guessed, I am in Italy now and have been for a week. It, is, so, much, FUN!!! Man, fun would not even BEGIN to describe this place and all that I have seen and done just in the past week! I would love to tell you guys everything, but I am paying right now for the use of the Internet, therefore, only a short blog will do for now.

So, I am staying in a little, cute, quaint town called Pollena. No one speaks English, everyone is super nice to us Americans, and the food it GREAT!!! We are about a half hour out of Naples, so we go there frequently. We ride trains A LOT! But let me tell you, as far as public transportation goes, trains are by far the way to go! Especially with all the graffeti on them. I am going to have to get some pictures of the elaborate graffeti I have some across here. It is simply hilarious.

Quick run down of all the places I have been in the past week: Naples, Ischia, Puzzoli, Baia, Cuma, and, currently, Florence. 3 of us girls traveled very early this morning to be here in Florence where we will spend the weekend. It is simply gorgeous here! The Duomo is jaw-dropping amazing, and the Uzzoli museum was INCREDIBLE! We will go to see the David at the Accademia tomorrow, and the inside of the Duomo. We will also attend (part of) mass there. Wow, that sounds so cool.

Quick note about the food, because that is seriously one of the best things out here and the most enjoyable. We eat breakfast and dinner every weekday at La Vigna, a cute little farm/resturant thing that makes and grows its own food. Wow. I dont thing Ill EVER get used to regular good AGAIN. Homemade pasta, smothered in fresh olive oil, topped with fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, and a side of homemade bread. Tasty! Yummy! Overwhelmingly amazing! We get fed so dang much, too. There are 3 courses everynight, and sometimes we dont thing we can make it. Mmmmm. Words can not do this food justice. And the gelato! Oooooooohh man. So. Good.

Enough about me. And my wondeful life here in Italy. I know you want to here more, but I must be off to my little hotel to get some rest. I love you guys so much, and I miss you like crazy, though the great view of Vesuvius on my terrace, the nice Italian people, the INCREDIBLE food, and all the amazing things Im seeing makes up for it! ;-) Love you!