Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wasting Time...It's always a good thing...

So I've been done with finals since Monday around 6pm, BUT I still have a book to finish and write a paper on by tomorrow. Let's see...

"Chapter 3: The War Finds Paradise, pg 91"
"Chapter 7: Treading between Fear and Hope, pg 224"

'K! I think that's good enough. Now just have to write one last 6-8 page paper and turn it in tomorrow morning, and I'm DONE! DONE DONE DONE!!!

Speaking of getting stuff done, here's my mostly finished list for finals week (*still need to be done):

  • Study 10-12 hours for Latin final on Sat, and STILL don't feel prepared enough
  • Take Classical Arch. final on Sat, remember to study sometime that morning for it
  • TOGA TOGA TOGA with a little fondue on the side
  • Eat breakfast at Bishop's
  • Study & take religion final
  • Have lunch with Em, Ann-Marie, & Ritz at CPK
  • Go classic skating and get hurt
  • Get hair chopped
  • Go to the holiest of holy places, Chuck O Rama's, with wardees I love
  • Attempt to finish book, write paper, and turn in Thursday morning
  • Volunteer at Adventure Time for a field trip
  • Pack up apartment & move in with Ritz temporarily*
  • Go around ward and take pictures with people I love and will miss like crazy*

All in all, it's been fun, and I wouldn't change a thing! (Except for the fact that this book is still lying open next to me on chapter 3...doh!)


  1. Note to self, look cute because Nama is going to snap pictures like paparazzi.

  2. I will miss you my little Nama-boo-boo (I don't want to see you scooping up the field mice and bopping them on the head!)

  3. well it's thurs. afternoon, so I hope you got your paper finished.

  4. oh it's done baby! DONE DONE DONE!!

  5. What's with chopping the earring out the of the ear?