Monday, April 25, 2005

Lists o' Fun

The countdown is now just 3 days people! 3 days!! And you know what that means...time to make lists so I don't forget to do stuff/buy stuff/pack stuff. Here are my current lists:

Things To Do:

  • Put Mom on bank account (in case something should happen to me, like my brain exploding when Vesuvius erupts)
  • Print out train ticket (from Rome to Naples)
  • Pay Spring tuition (I got a half scholarship through BYU and ANOTHER half scholarship through the Study Abroad office--that means I'm only paying 1/4 of tuition!)
  • Pick up crap at Study Abroad office (cool study abroad backpack and water bottle included)
  • Call Sprint about phone use in Italy (so I can be as cool as the rest of those Italians with working cell phones)
  • Pack & consolidate (I'm only bringing two suitcases and a's gonna be rough)
  • Make packing list so I won't forget anything (I think I should probably do that FIRST)
  • Do laundry (Not doing until Wednesday, which means I might be smelly for the next few days)
  • Translate Latin passage from Dr. MacFarlane (I thought I'd be DONE with Latin forever when I took my 301 final, but NOOOOOO, I have to translate a geography passage before I get to Italy...poo)
  • Learn Italian (We'll be staying in a little town called Pollena, which means NO English speakers...except us...maybe I should have put this on a list a WHILE ago?)

Stuff to Buy

  • Sleep sack (We're not so sure WHAT exactly we'll be sleeping on yet...this should be fun)
  • Sunscreen (I burn easily...I was hoping to get some sun BEFORE I left...too bad Erika's mom is still hanging around in the Northern Hemisphere)
  • Jeans (Do I REALLY need an excuse? Gap, I'm coming!)
  • Purse to easily hide (Pickpocketing is BIG in Italy, so bringing a regular purse will mean theft, and we don't want that)
  • Random assortment of tolietries (It's not like I'm going to a 3rd world country without stores and what not. Just want an excuse to buy small travel-size items)
  • Notebook (Teehee...that's right, even though I'll be in Italy, I'm STILL actually taking classes and will probably still need the regular school supplies, book excluded)

Good thing I have 3 days to sit around in Ritz's apartment with all this stuff to do. Ready...set...GO!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wasting Time...It's always a good thing...

So I've been done with finals since Monday around 6pm, BUT I still have a book to finish and write a paper on by tomorrow. Let's see...

"Chapter 3: The War Finds Paradise, pg 91"
"Chapter 7: Treading between Fear and Hope, pg 224"

'K! I think that's good enough. Now just have to write one last 6-8 page paper and turn it in tomorrow morning, and I'm DONE! DONE DONE DONE!!!

Speaking of getting stuff done, here's my mostly finished list for finals week (*still need to be done):

  • Study 10-12 hours for Latin final on Sat, and STILL don't feel prepared enough
  • Take Classical Arch. final on Sat, remember to study sometime that morning for it
  • TOGA TOGA TOGA with a little fondue on the side
  • Eat breakfast at Bishop's
  • Study & take religion final
  • Have lunch with Em, Ann-Marie, & Ritz at CPK
  • Go classic skating and get hurt
  • Get hair chopped
  • Go to the holiest of holy places, Chuck O Rama's, with wardees I love
  • Attempt to finish book, write paper, and turn in Thursday morning
  • Volunteer at Adventure Time for a field trip
  • Pack up apartment & move in with Ritz temporarily*
  • Go around ward and take pictures with people I love and will miss like crazy*

All in all, it's been fun, and I wouldn't change a thing! (Except for the fact that this book is still lying open next to me on chapter 3...doh!)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Warning: Read Warning Label

Somedays, I think my life is so uneventful. Why should I even have a blog when nothing interesting ever happens to me?

Well, at least that’s what I thought this morning. Then, adventure ensued. Let me explain…

I’m getting ready for school. I’m about to put in my contacts when I realized that I had ran out of contact solution. No problem. Roommates wear contacts. I will borrow a squirt or two. I grabbed Susie’s contact solution, because, let’s be honest, it was closer. I squirt a bit on my left contact, put it into my eye, and BURNING!! MY EYE WAS BURNING!!! I try to pry my eye open to get the dang thing out, which gets quickly washed down the drain as I flush my eye out with cold water. BURNING!!!!!! My eye is red, swollen, and BURNING!!!! What the…? Aren’t all contact solutions the same? Why did my eye not like Susie’s contact solution? I pick up the bottle to inspect it and see WARNING LABELS ALL OVER THE BOTTLE:


30 minutes later, I found myself in Urgent Care at the Student Health Center. They numbed my eye, put a big, plastic eye-shaped cover with an IV attached into my eye, and dripped saline solution into my eye (which promptly drained out of my eye and ear) for 20 minutes. Quite refreshing, actually, considering the fact that my eye was BURNING!! Turns out Susie’s solution has peroxide in it and is only meant for storage. Doh!

Remember Ann-Marie’s blog about stupid warning labels and how unnecessary they are. Yeah, guess what. Some are actually IMPORTANT and you should READ THEM or your eye will BURN. Oh the irony. I’m still laughing at my self. My mom even laughed at me. Why must I be so stupid? STUPID!! I guess being stupid allows me to have an eventful/interesting/”fun”/ridiculous life that I am able to share with you. Don’t you feel special.