Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Dear Erika's Mom,

I'm writings in regard to the fact that it's almost April, and snowing, and windy, and cold.

This is the time of year when birds chirp, rabbits frolic, and bees buzz. Flowers spring up with delight while relaxing beneath the warm sun. BYU students joyfully fall in love and plan their April/May weddings. The aroma of fresh, mountain air permeates the air, and all thoughts of the harsh Utah winter fade.

All these things have yet to happen. This makes me angry, and depressed, and COLD!

So, if you wouldn't mind, please get out of the Northern Hemisphere so that the planet's axis will tip TOWARD the sun and not AWAY from the sun.

With regards,

Frozen Nama


  1. I swear, if my mom read these things she'd cry for a week.

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  3. You two are getting a little too, shall we say "creative?"

  4. I say here here to nama's blog about the cold!