Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Best friends are great because...

I've been inspired lately by subject matters of other blogs, and the award this week goes to Jay.

I too have a best friend. Her name is Jessica. We've known each other since elementary school, and, excluding the few "break-ups" in middle school, we've been like two peas in a pod for over 10 years. She's the only friend from my childhood that I keep in touch with on a regular basis, and even if we do go for a couple of months or so without talking to each other, it's almost as if we never skipped a beat. We have a mass variety of inside jokes. WOOOO inside jokes! WOOOO!! And this, along with a billion other reasons, is why I love her and consider her to be the closest, most dear and understanding friend I could ask for.

Whoa, whoa! Sorry, getting a little sappy back there. Here's another reason why I love Jessica: there's ALWAYS so much drama in her life, and I get a kick out of it every time she talks to me about it. It's like I'm sitting there with a bowl of popcorn watching her every move and laughing hysterically at her pain.

Case in point: Jessica found herself in a Pride & Prejudice situation at the beginning of the year. There was a guy she knew and was interested in who was sweet, loving, a little off, but nice. She then met another guy, who was a little rude, stand-offish, fun, but hateful. She liked both of these men, but did not know which one to choose. The first seemed promising, but didn't feel right. The second was downright mean at times, but she found herself strangely attracted to him. So there I sat, and watched, giving her advice along the way, but mainly being entertained. So, I call her today to get updated and...she's in love!!! As it turns out, the first assumingly sweet guy was really Wickham and the second grew on her and, in her own words, "gets better and better every day".

She found her Darcy, and this makes me so happy to see this movie...errr, situation...end so happy!! The best part was how she told him that she loved him. She was worried and scared and told him that she needed to tell him something, but just couldn't bring herself to tell him. Her got totally freaked out and was about to start hyperventilating, thinking something was terribly wrong. She then just blurted it out, "I love you!" He then starting breathing again and said, "Well, I love you too!" And all was happy. Happy, happy, happy. Who needs the A&E Pride & Prejudice when I have Jessica.

Love you, toots!


  1. switch to lj!

  2. Amanda, I have something to tell you...I LOVE YOU!