Wednesday, February 02, 2005

this is the first day of the rest of my life...

and then a volcano erupts and immediately your skin evaporates and your brain explodes and you're charcoalized...i'm just waiting for a similar fate, as my life slowly presses in on me and I sit waiting for something note worthy to happen...i am going to Italy in the spring...and i will be at the foot of mt. vesuvius...hmmmm??

anyways, enough of my incessant here's why i decided to start a blog...

  • all the REALLY cool people have one, and i'm such a follower
  • beats doing homework right now!
  • just to add something else to keep up with trying to figure ovid out, reading book after book about people killing each other, and trying to figure out why i have to take theory
  • because your mom made me and threatened to sit on me if i didn't
  • i felt that my life, as well as my favorities folder, was imcomplete without one
  • AND to have more oppurtunities to make jon blush :-), compliment leah, and generally insult everyone else's mom

and they're off!!!!!


  1. Yeeeeeess. Making me blush DOES seem to be a common theme around the ward . . .

  2. You're going to Italy? Lucky.

  3. But wait. You'd rather have your brain explode . . . than what?

  4. ...then i wouldn't have to come up with a witty comment in response...AND i couldn't make you blush, and that would just be a shame hotstuff...need any CPR?