Thursday, February 24, 2005

THAT'S where I left it...

My friend Holly told me a HILARIOUS story today in class that I wish to share with all. Laugh, cause it's me :-)

Holly's mom is a labor & delivery nurse. A woman came in one day that was, well, rather large and fat. She needed a C-section, so this meant that they had to dig through her rolls; yes, her FAT rolls. In this process of digging, they found...a twinkie. Horribly confused, they took it out, and the fat woman said, "Oh!" She had apparently lost a twinkie a couple of weeks ago, and wasn't quite sure where it went.

Mmmm...twinkie...anybody hungry??


  1. Forgive me for being just lil' bit incredulous.

  2. This just leaves so many mom joke options. I would say something like well your mom is so fat they found an entire costco in her fat rolls, but this is just a really sad story. Hilarious, but sad. Doesn't the lady shower? Wouldn't you notice a freakin twinkie in your fat rolls? She should go on Oprah.

  3. she was probably so fat that her fat rolls created an air tight chamber, and she didn't find the twinkie when she was bathing because she couldn't reach and it didn't disolve due to the airtight chamber...ew.

  4. if i was that lady, i wouldn't have admitted to losing it. i probably would've said i was saving it for later.
    because i wouldn't want to seem fat AND careless.
    and then i would've eaten the twinkie to prove my point.

  5. oh that? that's a gift. for the baby.

  6. LOL! The twinkie was probably well-preserved because it's just a blob of yellow and white chemicals--perfect for food storage. Maybe she was just trying to heed the counsel of the Church and wanted to be sure that even if her neighbors ate all her food storage, she would at least have one twinkie for herself.

    The rest of the story went like this:
    Fat lady: "Did you find some cheese puffs in there too? I honestly don't know where that whole bag went.
    Hospital: Ma'am, we found some keys and a remote. Have you been missing them lately?
    Fat lady: "Who would have though they would be next to the twinkie and cheese puffs. And all this time I thought the kids hid them from me."

  7. p.s. i love kimberly, she makes me laugh, and i'm glad she has a blog now :-)

  8. So I have a new theory behind Kimberly's impression of the old lady with the skirt. (You know what I mean). She had a twinkie stuck in it. A twinkie.

  9. Did you know twinkies have a shelf life of like 60 years? Maybe she was saving it for her grandkids