Saturday, February 19, 2005

Babies, muscles, and Pride & Prejudice

Random thoughts of the day:

  • Today is my sister's birthday, so I called her and heard my wittle 5-month-old nephew Cade being all fussy because he's really sick. Babies!!! I'm all about babies as of late. I saw a little girl in the library running about and she was a wearing a cute pink sweater with a plaid pink skirt, pink tights, and little black boots. Why do we let babies get away with bad fashion and call it cute? I mean, Erika looks good in pink and all, but if she ran around in that all-pink outfit, we'd send her to Stacy & Clinton in a heartbeat! "What are you? Buffy the fashion slayer?"
  • So I've been doing yoga reguarly and taking a dance class this semester, and, after the first 3 or so weeks of the semester when I was constantly sore and I got over the pain, I've been finding new muscles. My triceps aren't AS flabby as they once were, my gluts and hamstrings are getting all toned and such, and my lower-back muscles are FREAKIN HUGE!!! Well, comparitively so, but they're still big! When I noticed that I had fabulous, new muscles back there, I first thought that my lower back was swollen, cause I usually get a lot of lower back pain. Not any more!!! I'd just like to say that this is all due to Erika! She's my yoga master, my chi-centering yogi, who first got me into yoga! Erika, you rock my socks!!! (and my new back muscles!) :-)
  • Leah & I stayed up until 5am this morning watching "Pride and Prejudice". We were only gonna watch half, but we got sucked in. And I came to the conclusion that I am Elizabeth Bennett, finding all the Wickhams, and mocking them all. Where's my Darcy??? Where is my Darcy to sit there all brooding-like and stare at me from across the room, thinking, "I want that"? Where is my Darcy to make me hate me, then profess his love to me, and then make me fall in love with him? Where is my Darcy??? I'm all giddy now and I want to wear pretty empire waist dresses, go to balls and dance, and marry Mr. Darcy! But, alas, no. I'm am left with the Wickhams, who don't want to committ and treat me like trash. *sigh*

That's all.


  1. Alas, we're all stuck with the Wickhams. I had a brooding Darcy-type once, but he wasn't rich and that didn't work out either. I'm holding out for a Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy's cousin. I'm seriously on the lookout, he's my ideal.

  2. A good way to start attracting Darcies and driving off Wickhams is to stop being a Kitty.

    "Men of sense do not want silly wives."
    - Mr. Nightly (from Emma)

  3. Wow Nama. I had no idea I had such an influence on your chi. That's freakin awesome!!! And so yeah, there was this one time when I got home from church and was all sad so I changed my skirt for my pink soft pants and I realized at ward prayer that I was not only wearing my soft pink pants, but a pink t-shirt and pink flip flops. Buffy the fashion slayer? Yes. I believe so.

  4. well, jon, you want an Elizabeth Bennett? stop acting like a charminig jerk, aka Wickham, and MAYBE you'll find her one day...maybe...

  5. the lake scene.

    what can i say more?

  6. I think you should try what Dane suggested to me long ago..repear the following phrase at least 3 times a day....

    "I will never understand boys, I will never understand boys, I will Never understand boys."

  7. What a great phrase! Dane was a wise man.

    Most of the time.